If your physical health were failing, you wouldn’t ignore it. The same should be true for your mental health. Whether it’s situational depression, chronic anxiety, or a mood disorder, Dr. Marlene Rocha Farooq can help you address mental health issues in a safe and supportive way. Serving patients in Long Beach, California, she uses a variety of approaches to help you achieve equilibrium and happiness once again.

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What causes mental health conditions?

Mental health is just as delicate as your physical health. Your symptoms can last for a long time, or they may come and go; sometimes, you may feel completely fine.

However, several factors contribute to the complex picture of mental health, including:

  • Genetics: You may be more prone to developing mental health issues if they run in your family.
  • Stress: Stressful life events can trigger anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or several other conditions
  • Trauma: Physical or emotional trauma can also cause acute or chronic mental health issues.

If you’re already at risk for developing a mental health condition, your environment, relationships, and current life circumstances can tips the scales toward a full-blown mental illness.

Some of the most common mental health conditions Dr. Farooq treats are anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, and hypersomnia.

What are the treatment options for mental health?

Just as there are many different ways to heal the physical body, there are various approaches to treating mental health conditions. Dr. Farooq focuses on the unique needs of the individual patient.

Some standard methods of addressing mental health problems are:

Medical evaluation

Dr. Farooq can do a comprehensive medical assessment to determine if there are physical or hormonal factors that may be affecting your mental state.


You may benefit from developing a relationship with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor.


If poor mental health significantly interferes with your daily life or activities, many medications can relieve your symptoms.

Lifestyle Strategies

Small tweaks to your diet, sleep, social activities, and work may help improve your mood and enable you to cope more effectively.

How do I choose a mental health provider?

When choosing a mental health provider, it’s important to consider a few critical questions:

  • Is this person qualified to treat mental health disorders?
  • Do I feel safe and supported by this person?
  • Can I get access to all the potential treatment options and resources I might want?

Dr. Farooq has years of experience treating patients of all ages with mental health issues. To schedule an appointment with her today, use the online booking system.