Heart disease and cancer are among the leading causes of death in men. With Marlene Rocha Farooq, MD in Long Beach, California, men can find preventive solutions to common health problems and treatment for acute or chronic conditions. Dr. Farooq can help you identify and manage your unique health risks and give you the focused care you need to stay energized and active in your daily life.

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What is men’s health?

Men have unique needs when it comes to their healthcare. They are more likely to skip doctor appointments or put off routine wellness checks, which can make it more challenging for them to stay healthy. Men may also be more likely to make risky choices that can impact their well-being.

Fortunately, many of the diseases that affect men are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices and regular doctor visits. Dr. Farooq offers a full range of men’s health services that include diagnostic tests, annual physicals, age-specific screening exams, and customized care for acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. Farooq also provides testosterone checks, prostate exams, and treatment for andropause (often referred to as male menopause).

With a focus on individualized care, your unique needs as a man are Dr. Farooq’s primary concern.

What are men’s health services?

Dr. Farooq offers a broad range of services that all men can benefit from, and she aims to create an atmosphere where men can empower themselves to lead healthier lives. The men’s health services offered at her practice include:

  • Sexual health services
  • Male-specific cancer screening
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Hormone therapy
  • Infertility testing
  • Blood pressure screening and treatment
  • Blood sugar and diabetes treatment

Dr. Farooq can recommend a treatment plan for condition-specific concerns as well as a timeline for making sure you have your regular screenings and checkups.

What are the benefits of men’s health services?

While your primary care physician can usually diagnose and treat simple health problems, specialized care provides additional benefits. That ensures that any male-specific health problems are spotted early and treated appropriately.

Not only can Dr. Farooq address your male-specific concerns with expert knowledge, but she can also integrate your treatment with other physicians or practitioners that are part of your healthcare plan.

With male-focused healthcare, you can be sure you have a physician who specializes in the unique physiology of your body. No matter what your questions or concerns are, Dr. Farooq can work with you to achieve your wellness goals.

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